Listener Feedback on iTunes

We have 17 listener reviews on iTunes! We can't even begin to express how grateful we are for everyone's support of this new album so we decided to share a couple straight from the horse's mouth:

"I have been waiting for this album since fielding's first self-titled release several years ago. One after another, the songs do not disappoint. The tone of the album is hauntingly beautiful. Asher, The Giant Awoke, The Voice of Us are my personal favorites at this point. These will be songs I listen to for a long time - they have stay power." - S.L. Porter 5/18/09

"Words that came to mind while listening: subtle, fragile, fledgling, innocent, yet deep, life-changing, gestalt. This album is the furit of years of experience...making it unbelievable! fielding's work grows on you...the weightiness of their music doubles with each listening...there is no comparison to what their music has meant from the first week to 9 months later..." - Big Little Jimmy 5/19/09

I'm hoping I'm not the only person who has been waiting for this album for quite some time. I'm absolutely transfixed by this album. It's a perfectly produced solid follow up to their self title. If you are into rock that will move you...move you to even sing along, this album is for you. If you are into non-overproduced music, this album is for you. If you are into perfectly weaved lyrics and lofty guitar, this album is for you." - Arisian 5/18/09